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Leveling the Field Between Injured Iowans and Insurance CompaniesTM

 If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job then you are probably wondering:

  • How is my weekly check calculated?
  • Do I have the right to use my own doctors for treatment?
  • Is the insurance company treating me fairly?
  • How much should my “settlement” be?

Every week we hear these questions and much more about Iowa’s sometimes complicated workers compensation system.  Injured workers are beginning to realize that they need to learn about their rights in order to protect themselves because the insurance company is not there to help.  That is right.  The insurance company is working for your employer and they do not even have to tell you your rights or the truth.  It is best that you learn more about your rights and responsibilities under the work comp. laws.  For example, did you know?

  • You have a right to a 2nd medical opinion in admitted claims once you have reached MMI- maximum medical improvement
  • They are supposed to pay you mileage for your trips to and from doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, the pharmacy, and other medical providers.

These are only two examples of mistakes made each year by injured workers.  Because we have had to tell many injured workers that they made a costly mistake before they contacted us, we have written a book about work injuries that we offer at no cost, risk or obligation that exposes 7 common costly mistakes and how to avoid them.  Also, we offer this book because I know the value of a hard days work.  At age 14, I began working for my grandfather who owned a basement construction business.  I spent my summers lifting, carrying and assembling 100 pound concrete forms, digging footings and putting in long hours.  While the work was difficult, it helped me appreciate the value of a hard day’s work and better relate to my clients who have been injured because I have been injured myself.  If you are looking for an attorney who wears $1,000 suits and uses words that you do not understand, then I am not the attorney for you.  If you are looking for someone who will listen to your problems, take the time to explain the system and what you need to know, timely respond to your phone calls and keep you informed then I just might be the attorney for your workers compensation claim. 

If you would like a copy of our workers’ compensation book click here or Call Now 800-707-2552, ext. 711 (24 hour recorded message).  Also, we have lots of articles and videos available both on this page and on our other webpage devoted to helping Injured Iowans.

Perhaps you have a question and would like to talk to a workers comp. lawyer right away.  You can call us directly at 515-440-2852 and ask to speak with Corey or Erik or call and schedule a no cost work injury audit.  We will answer your questions and give you our advice all at no cost to you.  In the Des Moines Metro. area we have offices in Ankeny, Newton and on the east side of Des Moines.  For the addresses click on contact us now.

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Construction Site Workmen’s Comp Injuries in Iowa

Every job has its own risks, but those that work on a construction site are subject to serious workmen’s comp injuries in Iowa. Many injuries that occur at a construction site are physically debilitating and possibly even fatal. If you work at a construction site, it is important to know how to keep yourself safe.
Head Injuries
Injuries that occur to the head can be one of the most serious types of injuries that any construction worker experiences. Almost any type of accident can cause damage to the head including falling from heights, falling debris or motor vehicle accidents. A few of the most common head injuries include concussion and traumatic brain injury. Workers that wear hard hats are less likely to suffer serious consequences, but everyone is at risk.
Spinal Cord Injuries
The same accidents that can cause head injuries can also cause debilitating spinal… (keep reading)

Five Risks of Not Having a Des Moines Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Review Your Claim

Since 1997, I have represented hundreds of injured workers in Iowa and unfortunately many have had me review there case after they reached an agreement with the insurance company.  If you decide to not at least have a qualified Iowa Workers’ Compensation lawyer review your case there are at least 5 risks that you are facing and they include:
1. Letting the time limits expire.  Iowa’s workers compensation laws have specific legal requirements for a worker to provide notice to the employer of the work injury (usually it is 90 days from the date of when the injured worker knew or should have known that they sustained a work related injury subject to some exceptions).  Other time limits commonly referred to as statutes of limitations also apply.  These set time limits for either having a petition on file with the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner or having your case settled in… (keep reading)

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Pay if I Aggravated a Previous Injury?

Iowans who sustained aggravations to previous “scheduled member” injuries, no matter how those injuries happened, may be eligible for workers’ compensation pay from Iowa’s Second Injury Fund.
What is the Second Injury Fund?
The Second Injury Fund was created as a way to keep employers from discriminating against workers with prior injuries during the hiring process. The fund helps employers and insurers to pay benefits to workers who aggravate a pre-existing injury in a work accident.
What is a Scheduled Member?
Scheduled members are extremities, like arms, legs, fingers, toes and even your hearing. If you lose the use of a member due to a work accident, then you may be eligible for a certain number of weeks of disability benefits. This applies to you no matter how you sustained your previous injury.
Should I Settle with the Insurance Company?
Before you settle with your employer’s insurance company, speak to… (keep reading)

The Danger of Hip Injuries at Work in Des Moines

Your hips are an integral part of your body and when they suffer an injury at work, it can be very detrimental to your entire life.  You rely on your hips for almost every movement that you make with your lower body, which is why there are a large number of workman’s compensation cases filed in Ankeny, Iowa are for hip injuries.
Your hips are the component that makes it possible for your legs to move.  But they also play another integral role in your body because a large majority of your body’s weight is put on the hips.  With even one bad hip, your entire body could suffer the consequences.  Any injury to the hip can leave you out of work for a long period of time and can even cause permanent disability. 
Types of Hip Injuries at Work

Hip Sprains
Broken Hips
Dislocated Hips
Tendonitis in the Hip… (keep reading)

Red Flags in Des Moines Workman’s Comp Cases

The poor state of the economy has caused many people to resort to less than tactful practices when it comes to claiming workman’s comp benefits. People are beginning to operate on desperation, not greed. With more than $80 million in fraud occurring every year in regards to workman’s comp cases, employers, investigators and prosecutors everywhere are cracking down on fraud when it comes to workman’s comp. Insurance companies are starting to thoroughly watch out for red flags when it comes to various cases. Understanding these red flags will help to keep your case from being denied due to pure suspicion.
What you say really can hurt you when it comes to workman’s compensation. If your story changes between what you tell your employer and what you tell the insurance company, no matter how legitimate your story is, a red flag goes up. Before you talk to anyone about your… (keep reading)